Thursday, August 26, 2010


Not a new episode, just some stuff. We're working on getting in touch with Tyler to get that video of him kicking ass. You'd think he's all tech savvy, but apparently, he doesn't really check his Facebook, and he's got the video. That will be up, ASAP.

Also, our digital fiefdom grows:

Follow us on twitter. @TooGentlemen - dunno what I'm gonna put on here, probably just when we record, when we post and if and when we do exciting podcast related things.

Like us on Facebook. In case the little bar on the side of the blog, under the map, is too face away or something, click here. Like us. It will probably have identical information to the twitter, but it's a different way we can bug you... I mean, uhm... entertain you.

Plus, it all feeds into my master plan, which is to assess my ultimate value based on how many people click that they care about me online. Please, validate me.


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