Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Episode 18 - Big Trouble in Little Akihabara feat. Tyler

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This week, on Too Gentlemen...
We're visited by an additional gentlemen, Tyler, who bi-habitates in Japan and NJ. We talk mostly about Japan, but touch on movies, punch-fighting and the finer points of bicyclism. Bad ass karate video coming soon.

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The Berzerker - Reality
Drive Like Jehu - Do You Compute
Dughters - The Hit
Annoying Ringtone (fmdb.cc) - Gabbakick to Your Face
Breach - What's Profound
Bats & Mice - Sliding Scale
Mother Nature - Some Secadas and Wind
Young Widows - Easy Acting (playing in Philly 9/5)
Mother Nature - Some Secadas and Crickets and Wind
Frodus - Out Circuit The Ending

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  1. With 3D, Your left (right?) eye has two lenses while the other eye has one. The lenses are polarized though so you can see the 3 images being displayed on the screen. There's a little more complexity to it than that but that's been my take on it from working at Cinemark with a 3D projector.