Sunday, May 23, 2010

Episode 3 - Quality Grandma feat. Matt "The Hove" Hovern

This was our first foray into having a guest. Due to hardware and software problems day of, we only have 2 mics, so the sound quality is of inconsistent quality, and has too much reverb. Matt is an expert on our old boss's cat, but the conversation karoomed through epic adventures, epic battles, epic conspiracies, borderline racism and John makes fun of Matt and Josh for flexing the geek muscle. Epic.

Thanks, bands, for the interstitial music! Buy CDs, keep recorded music alive!

The Berzerker - Reality
Fuck the Facts - Unnamed
Dirve Like Jehu - Human Interest
Drive Like Jehu - New Math
Gaza - Cult
Kill Sadie - The Cocktail Party Effect
Nasum - Words to Die For
THe Dismemberment Plan - Secret Curse

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