Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Episode 19 - "Black Metal"

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This week, on Too Gentlemen...
Happy Labor Day! A noble experiment - we talk about music for almost the whole episode. Making music, recording music, watching music, listening to music, mourning music and objectively measuring the quality of music. Also beer and teaching man to ham.

Thanks, bands, for the interstitial music! If you want us to remove your music, shoot us an email.
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The Berzerker - Reality
Gaza - The Kicking Legs
Son of Aurelius - A Good Death
Helms Alee - Betwixt
Psyopus - Imogen's Puzzle
Trans Megetti - Excluding Me
Frantic Mantis - Delta to Delta
Behemoth - Sculpting the Throne of Seth
Converge - Dark Horse
Impaled Northern Moonforest - Nocturnal Cauldrons Aflame Amidst the Northern Hellwitch's Perpetual Blasphemy

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